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Warriors Shield - Large Hammered Brass Ring $50.00


A gorgeous stand-out ring, reminiscent of Medieval armor!

A large hand pierced and formed brass ring, has a nice hefty weight to it, yet is extremely comfortable to wear. The interior that bears my makers mark E², is hammered and sanded smooth for a comfortable feel against your skin. I gave the exterior an organic and rustic hammered texture, that lends a well-used and ancient feel to the ring.

The ring was oxidized for color and effect, given some "battle scars", then treated with a polished wax protectant finish that sinks deep into the metal to preserve the rich color for years to come. Over time, the patina will deepen and become even more beautiful. It is intended to look slightly aged and worn from the beginning, I've created it so it has that timeless look.

Dimensions - 2.35" long and approx .90" wide depending on the size of finger it is shaped for. The ring shank is .70" wide.

This piece is MADE TO ORDER with lots of love!!!
Please see my main shop announcement for current fabrication times.

The manner in which this ring is created, with a small gap in the back, lends itself to being very easy to switch fingers if you so desire. The brass has a bit of give to it, and can be gently squeezed to make a smaller ring, or gently pulled apart to fit a larger finger, within a size or two each way. When you include your ring size, I will form the ring to fit that size, but be aware that you may need to adjust slightly to fit once you have received it.

Due to the process of made by hand pieces, each one will be slightly different. Please allow for these subtle differences, as it is what makes handmade art truly unique! If you are a copper lover, I can absolutely create this ring in copper instead of brass, for the same cost.

This piece ships Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and free insurance for the United States, and 1st Class Mail for Everywhere Else! If you should require a different shipping method, please contact me prior to purchasing to discuss available options.